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Why wear what everyone else is wearing? Be different and show people what you're up to.

All-In-One Sportsbag

Not sure what the day holds for you? No worries, you will always be prepared with this bag. This easy-going hold-it-all will fit your trainers, water bottle, gym towel and rain jacket without issues. And the best thing? It is safe to keep on your back, because nobody can open it while you wear it!


Never miss a workout - always be ready for everything. 

Price: USD 16.00

Size:   44cm x 38cm (HxW)

T-Shirt "You Can Go Home Now"

We all sweat - especially when working out. But showing off your sweat as the result of a though workout? That's new!

This shirt will make sure you work as hard as you can, not just for your health, but also to reveal its otherwise hidden message when you hit your new best!

Price: USD 12.00

Size:   XS-XL

Various Training Packages with Gift Card

Who could say no to a creative gift idea? Training packages are a great present for anyone who always wanted to try personal training, or for those who might not even know it yet.

Packages can be tailored to you - whether you want to give one session or ten. Prices are based on our single-session rate below five sessions, and the more you buy, the more discount you get!

Send us a message and let us know what you need!

Price: Varies

Size:   One or more sessions

We create our own products based on demand, so things may change over time - and that's always a good thing!
All items are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee to have all sizes in stock. However, we will always do our best to get you what you want - so do get in touch with us to ask questions or make suggestions for products you'd like to see!

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